Connecting position encoders to wireless button plate


About two a year ago I designed my first DIY wheel. It is working right and I’m happy with it but only has a problem. It contains an Arduino inside and it is wired to the USB and the cable and connections are not strong enough and broke from time to time.

I’m moving forward with my design and decided to replace the Arduino in favor of the new wireless plate. I purchased the two modules (the one to the board and two for my wheels) and I also replaced the metallic box for the base with a new one 3D printed. This is to avoid weak bluetooth signals.

I’m in the final steps of replacing the internal Arduino with the new wireless button plate and I’ve one question for the Next evolution of the entire system.

My wheel does not have position encoders. It contains just buttons (and two analog X,Y axis thatI don’t use at all so I’m happy to remove them). But I find no way to connect “analog” position encoders. What does this means. If I’ve an encoder for 12 positions (or 4 encoders). If I consider every position as a button I can go out of pins rapidly. So, the best solution is to use serial resistors and convert the 12 positions encoder into an analog device with 12 voltage levels. This is working fine in my Arduino (I developed some code for it) and I would like to know if someone has some experience in this regard.

I know the wireless button plate is not supported for DIY projects so I don’t spect to receive official documentation and help. I wonder if someone has experience in creating its own software for the bluetooth chip. I think the documentation is available from the chip manufacturer and it might not be that difficult to write new code and put it in the open source community.


Support would have to be added to the part of Simucube firmware that is not open-source. The button plate module basically just sends IO pin states to Simucube, and by interpreting those against a (at connection downloaded) configuration data, Simucube then translates the IO pins to button states to be reported to PC.