Configure X12 buttons

Setting up my SimuCube1, Ive got tthe wheel working, the pedals, now Im trying to configure the Buttons, and I get some weird Responses, Maybe it is related to my cheap incremental Decoders?
The are from china, eBay, KY-040, I have two of them, wired accoding to the Simucube Connections and pinout manual, for the rest of X12 up and low, I use 9 Buttons.
Either some of the indicators of the Simucube configuration tool lighgt up simultaneously, or some don`t light up at all, depending what Settings I use for “Buttons” or one button and 3 Encoders, 1/, or 1/4, 0r 1/2.

Could my Problem be, that I use only 2 Decoders, and 2 Buttons on one X12 connector?

Thanks, Johannes

You can only use either encoders or buttons in one X12 connector. Follow the wiring instructions on which pins to wire the encoders to.