Configure motor, encoder and center point

Simple question,

what should i put in the case on the attached file? I use a MIGE 30NM .Should i put 30 ?

You can input a torque constant value. It was used to calculate an approximate estimated Nm (torque level) that was shown in the Configuration Tool.

The calculation was wrong, so I removed it.

The value is only used for calculation of the maximum torque for the user interface, and does not effect the FFB feel or strength in any way.

Torque constants for some popular motors are listed here:

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Currently not used, Might be brought back… Not sure but as Mika Said it was supposed to calculate the estimated Torque Output of the servo at the settings of your system… Problem is it didn’t take everything into account for calculation so it was reading wrong values (Voltage and Amperage settings) so it has been removed until other things are fixed… you can leave it at 0 and actually at the moment it only halfway accepts input as I tried it on mine and it wouldn’t accept a hundredth digit it kept going back to 0.

Doesn’t affect and won’t ever affect actual use… It was an informational thing.

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