Configuration Tool

Bought an SW20 and been trying to connect to it with Granity all day.

Computer sees both devices fine but if I’m reading correctly I need an adaptor for one, and two, there’s no need to bother…

What I’m stumped on, is why I can’t find a download of the Simucube config tool, anywhere. I see the firmware and the guthub page… But no tool.

Super stressed here guys, any halp = appreciate

The simucube firmware is the config tool for the simucube.

Yeah but the firmware isn’t an executable…

The firmware is an executable that runs on hardware.

But anyway, firmware and the Configuration Tool are distributed in the same package.

Sorry guys, I was looking at the IONI firmware. Feeling super noob rn.

I got that part going, on to the next hurdle. Had no idea I’d be this overwhelmed.

Actually you do not really have to care about IONI firmware, as it is also bundled within the SimuCUBE firmware and the SimuCUBE firmware will automatically update it when required.

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