Comport simucube

I did just change to biss encoder on my small mige. In the set that I received, it was a new com cable. But it is very short. Can I use my org mige cable instead?

If you mean the encoder cable the answer is no.
2.5k, 5k and 10k encoder cable has different pins than BISS C

That I thought. Shit… missing 50cm to my computer

I think a 2 row db15 (DA15) shielded serial extension would work.

Can someone confirm this?

Should work as long as pins are just extended. Not crossed over etc.

I can’t find those cables! Links?

I have some in stock. They are a little long though.

Here is a link

If I order on AliExpress it will take a month before the cable is here. Can’t manage to wait that long

What country do you live in?

If you know the cable pin out for your encoder and the cable connector is the same, why don’t you use the old cable and just reorder the wires to suit? The BiSS uses less connections so it’s easy to resolder them.

Iam from Norway. …

I not so good at soldering so that stoppes me