Completely removing all traces of True Drive so I can do a clean install

Ok, so I do not know if it is iRacing or True Drive, but I am getting FFB cutouts. It will be fine for a while, but then I lose all force, and ability to steer, and then I get steering back but without any FFB.

Unfortunately even though I’ve uninstalled the TD software, even the folder in my documents, when I downgrade to a version with True Drive Paddock, although I appear to be logged in, and my profiles are visible, when I click on them the part of the screen where you would expect to see the settings is black. Just Black.

How do I uninstall True Drive Paddock completely, removing all trace of previous versions so I can do a fresh clean install?

I really do not know why, but it does seem like there is some unfortunate unwanted interaction to updates to both iRacing and True Drive.

I have a Simucube2 Ultimate v1.0 purchased before the changes necessitated by chip shortages post Covid.

I’ve not had issues like this before in the 5+ years of owning this wheelbase.

Disappointing that I cannot race when I have a significant financial investment in my race hardware and Sim rig in general.

To me this would sound like a power supply issue where the wheel base reboots itself. Nothing to do with any interaction in iRacing / True Drive, other than that the FFB is typically lost when game controller is disconnected.

It won’t help you, but just run the uninstaller. I think the True Drive Padock web application holds its cache in the
%AppData%\Local\Granite Devices\Simucube 2 True Drive Paddock

We are working on trying to figure out why this is; you are not the first one to report it. It is some sort of timeout issue and happens probably in the web app code after some updates last week.

We can confirm that Ultimate has not had any hardware changes at all since 2019.

Ok, cheers Mika.

Will check all power connections, plus USB connection, as I know the wheelbase powering up requires a USB connection. Pretty sure that wheel connected directly to PC, never hurts to double check as something may have worked loose.

Thanks for getting back to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just reading this and thought about have you gone in power settings on the computer and disabled windows ability to turn off that USB? I recheck that every time there is a windows update as they have a habit of changing settings on you just a thought

Appears to be working fine now.

I did have the wheel plugged into a powered hub, which is not the case now.

It had been working fine for a few months so not sure what changed, as I’ve not plugged anything else into that hub since I set my rig up again.

Straight into the PC now though.