COMPLETE game profiles

i went through different profiles provided in the community. Unfortunately, almost all are incomplete. There are no informations about in game settings: it would be great to have profiles which include:
adaptable for sport, pro, ultra
general profile or for a specific car
perma crash or damage level
experience (fe how many hours played)
driving helps like ABS, traction control
in addition, a short text explaining a little bit “why, what, hints”. Finally, these informations should be understandable for everybody, newbie and pro. My favourites are:
F1 2018-2020
Dirt rally 2.0
Project cars 1-3
Grid series
Hope to get some useful informations and asap I have anything reliable and good, gonna share it.

Thanks Roland

The True Drive Paddock makes it possible to share also information about the style of settings, and the much important information about in-game settings.

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Hi Mika! Asap I have access to it :joy: I’ll check. Didn’t know about. Some postings in the community were kind of odd and my intention was to create a topic where settings/profiles are all in the same order. Didn’t I proposed that you enjoy your holidays and get a real break from work? This is your first strike dude…:four_leaf_clover:

I was just monitoring the forums in case of any feedback or issues with the 2021.7 release.

When will the rest of us peasants be able to access Paddock? Sometime in 2021 or more like 2022?

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Next month is the plan.


The new release works without problems afaic. Wheel is now adjustable without any problems. Stay safe :four_leaf_clover: Roland

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