Coiled cable - asking for information about missing part


I get this from a store because I have to replace my wheel cable. I am sure that there should be a metallic piece, that sourrounds the plastic pin connector. Can someone tell me the name of the piece? It makes the distance right and also the ring moveable. So that I can push it over the wheel part. Without this part the connector is not fixed, and I risk to damage the pins. Thanks for the help :pray:
It should replace this one:

Go and ask on this forum, after a presentation, you could perhaps also discover a beautiful community

Thanks a lot!! I solved the problem. Because everyone was at the expo I didn’t wanted to stress. Turned out I am allowed to disturb whenever I want :blush: you only know how good a customer service is when you really need it, and they are there for you!

Ah well, if you want to participate in a great forum, I can only advise you to go there, moreover it is on this forum that the direct drive was born in France, which they made participate in the development of the SC1 :wink:

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