Clunking noise when hitting curbs, walls etc

Hi everyone,
I’ve had my SC2 Pro for a few years now and I’ve recently noticed a clunking noise if I hit something like a large curb or crash into a wall. It’s almost like a single bang as the impact happens and then it’s all fine again.
The FFB feels fine any other time but it’s just when these collisions happen.
It happens in multiple sims. I’ve tested in Iracing and AC.
In AC it happens nearly every lap when I go over the curbs in the first chicane in the touring cars at Oulton Park
I did some searching and people suggested that it could be the QR being loose. So I’ve taken both the wheel and base side QR off and although the bolts weren’t loose, I’ve made sure they’re all nice and snug. I didn’t take any of the shaft assembly apart, just the QR.
I did make sure the 4 bolts under the QR weren’t loose but they were tight.
The noises don’t bother me and if it’s nothing to worry about I’ll carry on and ignore it.
If you think this is a cause for concern then I’ll need to get it sorted.
Maybe it’s just things loosening up over time or doesn’t this happen?
Thanks in advance for any advice. :slight_smile:

Making an official support ticket via will give you the best answers.

Thanks Mika, I will do now.

If you haven’t yet, check that motor shaft hub is not slipping.

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Cheers Andrew. I haven’t done this as I didn’t know if I should mess around with the hub.
I’ll give it a go now I have a guide.
Thanks for the link.
I’ll report back. :+1:

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I tried your suggestion last night @Andrew_WOT but it didn’t make any difference.
Same clunks. It does sound like it’s something from the QR or hub area but hard to tell as it’s a split second and then it’s gone again and everything is back to normal.
I’ve never noticed the wheel being off center from where I set it so I guess it would suggest the hub hasn’t been slipping but I’m not sure.
I might need to try to record a video showing the noises as it might clarify things.
I might also try another wheel as I have a different wheel side QR on that and it would eliminate anything weird or loose on the wheel QR.
I’ve logged a case with support so will see what they say.
Thanks again for your help.

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