Clipping Point List

As bsohn mentioned in his post here: iRacing and Simucube 2
every car in iRacing does have a specific clipping limit in Nm.

To gather which car has which limit i would like to create a table where we can collect these values per car/Track.

This could be useful to help people dealing with their FFB configuration.

But! I am, of course :grinning:, a lazy guy and don’t want to do all the work for myself so here is the deal:

We define a test methodology where one has to drive two laps with Overall Strength in True Drive at 50%, no matter if it is a SC2 sport/pro/ultimate on a track like Laguna Seca (as it is included content), without hitting any curb, no spinning, just two very clean laps and after that we head over to the iRacing settings, hit the “auto” Button and see what value comes out.

Then post this value here in the thread and i will edit the post with the table.

If anybody has a suggestion to make this test better or more reliable then don’t hesitate to post it and we can adapt.


iRacing clipping point per car

Name Base Track Car Clipping Point
Revan Pro Laguna Seca Dallara F3 35 Nm
Revan Pro Nürburgring WEC Porsche RSR 30 Nm

FFB is setup dependant on iRacing, but the AUTO button approach is very similar

I decided to change the track as Laguna Seca is too flat to get decent results imho. But there is not much of a difference between driving the RSR at Laguna Seca (32Nm) to Nürburgring without Curbs (29Nm) and with Curbs (30Nm).

So i guess it doesn’t matter which track it is.

Understand all other filters should be off?

I did it yesterday with all my filters on, don’t know for sure if it would make any difference at all