Clipping beeps still sound even when disabled in TrueDrive


I’ve disabled both audible notifications after getting some settings I as happy with, but even with the audible notifications unchecked, I still get beeps when parked and turn the wheel, say immediately after a crash into a wall,. where the wheel is already rotated, and I grab the wheel to correct it.

Any ideas?

If you move the wheel fast, they might be the hands off detection beeps. It is triggered if it is enabled, and the normal torque is automatically re-enabled with some beeps and smooth return when you turn the wheel.

Thanks Mika, that looks like it.

Do you think that those beeps should be disabled if you have “Audible notifications enabled” unchecked?

Audible notifications currently does not affect any safety related beeps.

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It’s probably the hands off detection. When I described it before people were trying to tell me it was clipping but I’m quite experienced with sims and knew it wasn’t even close to clipping. Turns out it was the hands off detection. Disable the hands off.