Choosing a PSU for the small Mige

I’m making a parts list for myself to build an OSW (Simucube/Ioni Pro/Mige 130ST-M10010). But I’m not 100% sure about the PSU.
Will any PSU do that has an output of 48 volts and at least around 10 amps/480watts? Or is there more to it than just that?
I see a lot of recommendations for a Meanwell NDR-480-48. But on the cheaper side I’m finding things like this, would that work just as well?

(the 480V 10.4A/500W model in this case)

Please educate me :slight_smile:

It is the wrong place to save up on, these cheap chinese PSU’s are a real fire risk.

In addition, the PSU used should have “current limiting” as the overload function, i.e. if your system tries to draw more current than it can supply, it will just lower voltage. There have been some DIY builds that tried to use “shutdown” type PSU’s, which do just that - they will shut down on slightest hint of overload, which is of course bad when you are driving.

where do you live ? and what is your max budget ? there is a possibility that you could find something better but cost effective.

The Meanwell NDR-480-48 is probably the best option for use with the 10100 servo…

You want a 48V power supply with somewhere around 380W + though you probably would not need more than 600W.

The lower wattage you run the less likely you will be able to run the wheel up to it’s full potential. The Original 320Watt unit that was used in early Small Mige builds was really incapable of delivering full output.

with PSUs unless you can get the EXACT Spec sheet I wouldn’t venture from the recommended as there are certain styles of over current application that is needed for DD wheels… The Power supply MUST be Self resetting and use Current Limiting and or Hiccup mode (Current Limiting being the better option). If it uses Shut Down which many cheaper supplies use if you run over current at any time the whole wheel will shut down on you.

Another option beside the NDR-480-48 would be the RSP-600-48 also from Meanwell but I believe it is larger with a fan and about the same price as the NDR.

One place on eBay that is legit for these Meanwell PSUs is PowerNEX out of Taiwan… I have had good service from them and they are a little less expensive in some cases than ordering locally.

DRP048V480W1BN from Delta Electronics is also a good choise.

Thanks for all the info and suggestions! I wasn’t aware of the overload functions. I thought every PSU with overload protection would just shut down. So that crosses the cheap ebay PSU’s off the list.

I live in the Netherlands.
The Delta PSU doesn’t seem to come out much (if any) cheaper than the Meanwell. So in that case I’d rather stick with the Meanwell as that seems the most common PSU in the OSW builds.

I can’t seem to find the RSP-600-48. Are you sure that’s the correct model?

The good feature of delta is this : Power

480W (continuously operating)

720W (Power Boost for 5 seconds)

So basically it is like a sdr.

Check out the shop mouser. It is located in the us but it has free shipping and it doesn’t charge you with import fees at least when using their default shipping method via fedex (at least that’s what happened in my case in my country)

I think Brion was talking about the Meanwell PSP-600-48.

That is what Simplicity used in there OSW kits back on tge day. It works very well. Some people thought the fan was too loud.

I use the MW SDR-480-48 in all of my builds. It gives you the extra head room since it has the 720 watt boost if ever needed. And this way if you ever decide to use the large mige you do not have to upgrade the power supply.

Yea I was wrong I was thinking PSP-600-48…

RSP-500 is another that would work.

The 720watt boost of the SDR and the Delta is not really needed with the Small Mige due to its higher efficiency the estimated real world Wattage requirement for Maximum torque is around 380watts. Going to the 480/720 units would give more headroom and they aren’t many more $

Yeah I really wont be upgrading to the big mige I’m sure, so extra power is not really needed for me.

I also had a look around on the used market and found a tested Meanwell SP-480-48 for sale. It looks like it has the same functions to me, but maybe one of you can have a look to see if it’s a fitting psu? Found the specs here:

The price is without vat. The link is just for the info or you mean to buy from that store? It’s a bit pricey.

Check this out

@Loukas_Bourdas That link was just for the info and specs. I found one for sale used.

Ok then. If the price is good go for it.

That PSU has ShutDown over current protection which can be used but is not the greatest for use with the SimuCUBE… ShutDown over Current will completely shut off the wheel should you temporarily run over Current for any reason and will require turning off the power and back on to regain wheel usage.

Current limiting is the best method and then Hiccup is the second best method of over current handling for the SimuCUBE.

Thanks for looking into it @bsohn . Am I misunderstanding the spec-sheet? I really thought this psu has current limiting.

This is what the spec sheet says:
Overload - Protection type: Constant current limiting, recovers automaticly after conditions is removed.
Over voltage - Protection type: shut down o/p voltage, re-power on to recover.
Over temperature - Protection type: shut down o/p voltage, re-power on to recover.”

Is ‘overload’ not the correct spec to look at in this case?

I bought this one.

Maybe a bit overkill but it works fine :slight_smile:

Only problem is that it costs more than I plan my full OSW build to cost :smile:

I doubt he will have a problem with the small mige

Please use a proven power supply for an OSW build!
Especially if your money is tight.

I have a customer who is a very talented guy, who had built several OSW before try to use a different power supply on a later build and he killed 2 sets of Simucube and Ioni. It gets VERY expensive if a power supply has some type of internal problem.:frowning:

Yu’re right I read the wrong line… It says curren limiting… sorry about that… opps… so that one should be good to use.