Chinese Simucube 2

Saw this unit a day ago, looks familiair :open_mouth:

Yes, we are getting to compete with some Chinese copycats. It all started with Simagic, and soon there will be others also. It is important to us to stay ahead of competition…

Personally I would never ever order something (anything) from China myself. If a company decides to have their production done in China and I can’t get around that, then I accept that. But in every other case, no no no. The way China is conducting themselves on many subjects makes me want to boycot them as much as possible. I hope others will do the same.


Tough luck when most manufacturing is done there.
With DD motors having the same shape, it’s hard not to make something looking similar.
And more competitors in the space is better for consumers, I don’t see this as a bad thing.

Here’s link to Simagic.

I think everyone who wants best goes with Simucube 2 pro or sport, if i add shipping, taxes costs in EU it does not come attractive. Biggest issue will be if warranty problems can happen. The guys maybe will risk to buy 10Nm version, but this should not be a problem for you regarding 17Nm, most will go with realiable version of Simucube.

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I brought Simagic M10, Alpha mini, Simucube2 Pro and Simucube2 Ultimate within 6 months.
The FFB of Simucube2 are really impressive.
But the China’s brand start to improve software for support FH5 directly. (Even Immsource’s base can support PS5 )
Hope my Simucube2 Ultimate can support FH5 in the near future.


Those new features are a good selling point

When competing with Chinese companies the problem is that sometimes they are not doing the R&D all by themselves, care less about how the products are made (factory workers), if they are certified etc. gaining an unfair advantage in that way. It used to be a lot more visible, when phones made from same original plastic molds appeared within days/weeks to Chinese shops branded as “Nokla” for example. Of course mobile phones are not the same they used to be, but still the same mentality can be seen.

I’m not indicating any of SC competitors are doing that but in general terms. The same rules don’t apply as to “western” companies. (who can also cut corners in some cases of course).

Anyway we all have most likely contributed to what China has become, by buying cheaper and cheaper stuff, that is only affordable to be built in a country where human rights are not the top priority, where neighboring countries can be bullied and which has so much money that they are buying other countries piece by piece spreading their influence in every level in societies around the world.


Japanese auto industry, just to mention 1 of many examples, started their successful story by copying western car design and building reliable, secure cars. Chinese products aren’t cheaply done by definition. Expensive cloth labels fabricate to 99% in countries like Bangladesh where labor is as cheap as possible. Till the Simucube 2 was ready for the market a lot of time and money was invested, in a country where everything is expensive. That Chinese copy could be very good, who knows. If you calculate freight, customs and VAT they can be in total more than the product price. You won’t get it really cheaper. Warranty (or the absence of it), customer service, distance, all can be calculated and added to the price. My conclusion then is: the Chinese product could easily have a higher price than the original “Swiss army knife” DD.
(Granite devices, the bill for using my copyright is on the way, Mika is informed :+1::postal_horn:)

Im really concerned about sofware side battle with these new DD bases.

No small company can compete against China´s man power and software development is one of those battles, so Simucube being like a “One man army” in that regard is clearly behind the competition, and not only against chinesse products.


Since 2021 Granite is connected to Asetek, a Danish company and has plenty of resources. They did their homework and are well prepared. I don’t think that Chinese DD manufacturer have the intention to poach in Simucube territory. Their first goal is to boost simracing in the neighborhood. The Camus servo has a maximum update rate of 1000hertz and 15nM. It looks also like a closed ecosystem where you are forced to get pedals and wheels from them aswell. Nothing that tackles Simucube

It seems to be a logical and obligatory move if you want to have compatibility with PS5