Change simucube configuration profile with a button?

I have a question regarding simucube 1 regarding configuration.

I would like to map a Nposition encoder switch on my button plate/wheel. A permanent one but I could also consider a relative one.
I would map each position to a different profile. Like:
profile 1 270 degrees 25% FFB
profile 2 360 degrees 30% FFB
profile 3450 degrees 20% FFB
This way I move my knob and instantly get what I want.

It would be a very interesting feature.
If already available let me know how.

yes please!
something like this would be very useful with TD was well.

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Simucube 2 has support for this feature via the Simucube Button on the Tahko GT-21 wheel. Simucube Button will also be a feature in other wheels we will make. Interfacing with all wheels or other USB wheels or via keyboard controllers isn’t planned right now, but we are looking into it.

It is about software interfacing like map a button (or key) for config or map a button for config change. It would be extremely appreciated!

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