Change settings on the fly?

I was wondering if you can change the True Drive settings on the fly? Lets say I am in a practice session or “test drive” session in iRacing. Can I just stop the car and have the True Drive settings on my other monitor and just change the settings right then and there? To test different things more quickly ofcourse. Or do I have to close the game first? And is this the same in every sim?

Thanks in advance for any answers :slight_smile:

Changes in True Drive are sent to the base directly and have immediate effect, no need to restart the sim for changes in TD. You also can change profiles when in car without the need to exit the sim or car.

Thank you sir :sunglasses: Just what I needed to know :ok_hand:

Look at “Prevent mouse wheel from changing profile settings” on TD Advanced Info tab and uncheck that box to be able to use the mouse wheel to change settings without losing game screen focus.

Some games sent you to desk when clicking out of game screen, other freezes the image, iracing lose gsync, etc

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That, I had loss of FFB in AMS2 and R3E, ACC also dropping out of HDR mode.
Mobile control app would have solved that, but GD have their hands full already.