Change profile via launch parameter

I would like to be able to start True Drive with a launch parameter stating which profile to use.
This would greatly enhance the user experience since you could either create a short cut to use for each simulator (rF2/AC/iRacing/ACC) since you pretty much need to have different profiles for them.
You can ofcourse make it even easier for yourself by using a bat file to launch all the applications you need, in the right order, with the right waiting time in between and so on, or use a launcher like Sim Commander.
However, I can’t find any information on whether this is possible, either here on the forum or via google. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

This is not possible, and will not be added in the short term as we are in the midst of a large rewrite of the whole profile management system.

Okay, well, that’s ofcourse understandable.
But maybe it could be added to your road map or something so that it is not forgotten? I’m hoping you’re seeing the potential in the idea :slight_smile:
Edit: Also, I’m deeply impressed by getting responses from GD-Team members way outside office hours, kudos!

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Also for sc1 ?

Undecided yet on the Simucube 1 development in this regard

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This thread is quite a few years old now.

Are there still no plans to add a feature like this? It would be extremely helpful to those of us trying to streamline the ‘launch’ process for our different games.