Change profile via command line?

I hope I haven’t missed something obvious, please correct me if I have.

Is there a way to switch between Simucube profiles without having to go into the Simucube UI? Say by using command line parameters, or restarting with startup param, which I can call from the press of a button box button or similar?

This would be very useful when I’ve switched game but forgotten to switch profiles, and find myself on track but unable to turn the steering wheel! :slight_smile:


I think @Mika said in another post that they consider to implement it.
Maybe he can give you more insights.

For now it is not possible.

Was this feature implemented in the meanwhile?
I found nothing in the readme (C:\Program Files\Simucube 2 True Drive\command_line_instructions.txt) or when searching in google.


This was not implemented for Simucube 1 software.

Ah sorry didnt see this thread is in SC1 forum. Is it implemented in TrueDrive for SC2?

Unfortunately it is not implemented on Simucube 2 either.

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Is it planned to be implemented? On machines like RaceMores GT600 machines that uses the simucube 2 PRO they have use one profile for all games, they switch games with an streamdeck. For commercial use it would be great and an nice feature to choose Simucube over other brands. Best Regards

This is already working for Simucube Tuner software and will work on Simucube 2 when we eventually are able to bring Simucube 2 support to that new software platform.

Thank you for the quick answer ! That´s great news !
The functions i would like to see is:
Change trudrive profile
Be able to map an encoder or button to increase/decrease overall strength and turn off tourqe.
On an event were we used the Racemore 600s and simucube 2 pro an driver crashed the car and the simucube stop working, in the trudrive we had to cycle the emergency button that the trudrive software told us to do then i worked again. Maybe an autoreset of some kind when exit the game or turn on/off tourqe could be nice for commercial use.
Best Regards

This could have been an event where device rebooted for some reason, and the wheel produced voltage while the servo drive system was still being started, causing an overvoltage fault to be seen in True Drive. Cycling e-stop would have cleared that. Unfortunately this is a hardware thing and will have to be done via cycling the e-stop, but of course if this is repeatable then it might be something that we would investigate in a support ticket.