Change Argon operating modes (Velocity <-> Position)

I have a question regarding Argon regarding changing operating modes.

My hardware configuration:
-1kw Mige AC servo
-(unknown firmware version)

I will be using the 1kw AC servo to drive the spindle on my lathe. I also need to use as a rotary “C” axis.
Control will be step/dir via Mach3 software.
I understand I want to use the Argon in Velocity mode to turn the spindle at target RPM.
But then, after coming to a stop, I want to change the Argon control mode to Position and be able to rotate the spindle as a “C” axis.
Can the Argon be changed modes like this from an external input pin?

If not, I assume this can still be accomplished by keeping the Argon in Position mode. What settings should be used to drive the 1kw servo to perform as a spindle and “C” Axis?


Hi! It is possible to change mode on the fly, but it must be done through SimpleMotion command.

However, many people have done similar system just by using position mode also for spindle. Just send stream of step pulses to rotate motor at desired speed.

Ok thank you!
I haven’t started setting up the Argons yet.
I always figured it was possible to run a servo as spindle in position mode, but I was concerned if the load became too much even for an instant it would error out the servo instead of just slowing a little as in velocity mode.

Would I want to run the “follow error encoder count” really high to allow some space for the servo to “catch up”?