Center spring for non FFB games

Hello everybody. I´m trying to use my simucube 2 pro with some retro simracing games like Nascar Racing and Grand Prix 2. I don´t know how to configure center spring in True Drive, all i can do is set Damping, Friction and Inertia. I want my Simucube to act as an old bungecord wheel. Any clue on how to do it?.


It is not possible at the moment if the game creates any FFB effects, as then the desktop centering spring (on the hardware settings tab) disables itself.

But I can reveal that a centering spring effect will be implemented in the next software release, as well as some other surprises :sunglasses:


Great!. Thank you for the quick answer!

When will be the reveal? :smiley:

No estimate for the release, we are working on multiple things and not clear when things fall in line to make a release + support it also actively if there are issues. Summer holiday season causes making changes to be seriously evaluated…

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