Catching Slides Simucube 2 Pro

I just received SC2 Pro, coming from an accuforce v1. My main racing is nascar ovals. I love the feel of this wheel turn into corners. The detail is awesome, my problem is when car gets loose it doesnt feel right when im turning back to catch. my accurforce would turn its self back to where it needed to be. Does anyone have any settings that can help me with this?

You mean it’s not returning to center?

Can you be clearer about maybe what you think it’s doing/not doing that the AF was doing?

I’m also coming from an AFV1.

You can try my settings… I have worked really hard on getting the return to center feel correct… With default settings the Return to center feeling to me is a bit bipolar in that while the feel turning in is great the return is so abrupt that it overshoots and causes you to go into an uncontrolled state… It was very annoying when I first got it and it also lead to some wrist pain from fighting the return after the return…

I generally drive mostly road but I try to make my settings so that they are pretty universal from car to car, track to track…

Note: choose your own strength level mine is normally a pretty high Specific output of approx .595:1 in i racing 100% in TD 42Nm in iRacing Max Force. but others have said these settings work well at lower levels as well.

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Well I should have read through forums first. My problem was the hands off mode in the settings was set at 100%. Went to 0 and all good now. Ive just used a couple days now but already worth the upgrade. The detail is awesome.