Can't start device

Hi everyone! I’ve got a problem with simucube active pedal. When connecting device for the first time, simucube tuner says to start device, so it tries to start, then it says that device in fault state, press the button to attempt to clear the fault and return to normal operation mode. But when i press “clear faults” button nothing happens! The led is blinking with the blue colour.

I think you got details of the issue in our Discord, and I also see the support ticket.

Lets continue in the official discussion in the ticket.

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That’s right) Ok, thank you

Hi I am having exact same issue, did you resolve it mate?

Hi! Unfortunately no, guys from simucube said that there’s a problem with load cell so i need to replace the pedal.

Yes, sounds like it’s the same issue with mine, it’s being sent back they collect it tomo , this is the 2nd active pedal I’ve had issues with, start to wonder if it’s all actually worth it

Well, when it works, it’s the best pedal anyway :slight_smile:

Ye for sure, but it should be for that price lol, do u find ur any faster?