Can't connect to Ioni pro hc with Granity software

Hi, I just put together a simucube with the ioni pro hc and small mige with sincos encoder.
I was going through the setup procedure, loaded latest firmware to ioni 1.7.7 put the correct setup values in, started with the testing phase. The wheel slowly move left to right and then settle, I upped TSP1 value to 5000 but got no rotaiton from the wheel. No errors. I powered down the simucube and now I can’t connect it.
It lists in devices and hardware as USB serial converter

Ok, I plugged the simucube into a different PC and now it seems to be working but I don’t have the Mige servo connected. I will report back tomorrow when I can connect the servo.

Are you running with MMOS or with SimuCUBE firmware on the SimuCUBE board?

Simucube, this is brand new just received it last Tuesday direct from Granite devices. I was able to install all the latest firmware for the Ioni and simucube.

Remember that you must always click the button in the Configuration Tool to connect via Granity.

Sorry for not getting back to this sooner. I tried the simucube in a different PC and it all installed perfectly and has been running with no issue for the last 2 weeks.
Although the FFB in Raceroom is not very good and I’ve tried lots of different setups and settings. iRacing is great though.