Cannot make connection in Granity / Device stuck in DFU mode

Hi there!

After upgrading from MMoS to SimuCube (0.9.8) it seems to remain stuck in DFU mode (this can be seen when opening the old MMoS). This is a problem as I cannot make a connection with Granity nor DfuSe, it doesnt show in any list (Granity) or dropdown menu (DfuSe). The device does show up in Windows device manager (using Windows 10) as normal.

The big problem is I also get over & under voltage motor faults after phasing; occasionally (after 20 tries or so) everything goes well and the wheel functions properly for a long period untill it is turned off/needs to phase again. To adress this presumably need to go into Granity, but that is not possible as Granity cant make the connection as mentioned above…

Any help with this is VERY much appreciated!



The MMOS will show red, as it can not connect to SimuCUBE at all when you have the new SimuCUBE firmware installed. So you will not be able to use MMOS tool for anything.

You will have to click “Enable IONI USB Configuration Mode” button in the Advanced tab on the SimuCUBE Configuration Tool so that you can connect via Granity.

Your original issue (wheel gets faults) is related to having too tight limits for the Overvoltage Faults Threshold. The IONI firmwares after autumn 2016 have required more headroom, so if you have not updated IONI firmware ever, then you will have to adjust settings now, as the SimuCUBE firmware will forcefully update a compatible, recent IONI firmware.

Thx Mika for your very fast reply! All is ok now after I adjusted the threshold a bit.

Thanks again!



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