Cannot connect to SC1

I gifted my old Simucube 1 to a friend, it hasn’t been used for quite some time. It was working ~3 years ago when I unhooked it.


  • IONI card
  • startup does the wheel check movement
  • two green lights on (power) - one on base card and one on IONI
  • I see no indication that the USB is connected, neither in DIView nor in Device Manager
  • Simucube configuration does not see it
  • Cannot search/connect in granity.
  • Installed VCP from the page but no change

I’m afraid that the USB side of things are burned, but have no idea. Is there some kind of CMOS like battery that might fail and I need to reflash this at a lower level? I’m pretty lost as I purchased this long ago as a kit and I just kept up with Simucube application releases.


+12v DC was applied to a powered USB hub +5v input, and I have confirmed damage to other USB controllers including an older set of HE pedals (custom bodnar board) and a DSD shifter. So all USB components were damaged (this is still a theory) except one, which was my Precision Sim Engineering wheel - which I believe uses a non-load cell bodnar board as well.

Anyway - I just wanted to close this out saying that this is likely the failure. I’m not sure if there is an over-volting protection I can fix on this board - but I am on the hunt for a replacement SC1 board now.

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