Can you help me with my problem?

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My hardware configuration:
-simucube and ioni pro hc
-mmos and granity 1.13

Problems arise when:
I turn on the sdr960,my motor does not have any power and force feedback neither,but mmos works ok,granity can also recongnize ioni pro hc, in rfactor 2 it also woks when i move the wheel。

How it behaves:
-led4 on simucube flash always ,
led1 on ioni pro hc flash 3 short and 1 long.
can you help me please?

I have attached following files:
-(consider adding saved Granity configuration file .drc)

I also would like to share that (additional info).

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Step 1: Your e-stop is either open-circuit, or not wired at all. Show a photo of the connector where your motor power cables are connected.

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I reconnect the e-stop,but the problem continue.

can you observe if the status of the STO signal changes when you cycle the e-stop?

Yep, what a Mika says, I suspect your e-stop switch is faulty.

To test, simply remove the blue and red wires on the far right of that connector, and put a short jumper-wire between those two pins. That will simulate a working e-stop, test again and let us know what you find.

it’s ok now,thank you very much!!!

All good. So switch was open or faulty?