Can`t find DRC file dropdown for Mige in Simucube Configuration Tool

My new Simucube1 build is up and running! Thanks to Mika!
I used some .drc file, that I found on the net, and it worked.
Now I read in the User Guide that you can select a drc from a list, if you know the motor.
But I cant find the DRC dropdown. Dont really need it now, just curious.
And also, do I need Granity? So far all adjustments I made in SimuCube Configuration Tool.
thanks, Johannes

You need a configuration file and it has to be in the same directory as the Configuration Tool. The alternative is to configure the servo drive via Granity if you know all the required parameters, but that is not recommended for beginners.

After configuring the motor to use, you do not need to use Granity for anything.

If it is up and running LEAVE IT ALONE!!

It would not be up and running if you did not have the correct drc.

Roger! thanks!