Can`t find bootloader dfu file to download for SimuCube

I can`t find the Bootloader file to install via DfuSe .
Does any Body know where I cculd download it,
appreciate any help.,

It is included in the Simucube 1 firmware package.

I recommend using bootloader file from 0.50.4 and then use 0.11.2 for a new install.

thanks, have to look.

Ok, I just uploaded simucube-bootloader.dfu in DFU mode.
Now I use granity SW to upload the Simucube FW? Also in DFU mode? Is that correct?
tthanks for answer.

no, you use the Simucube Configuration Tool to upload the firmware. Granity is for configuring the servo drive and is settings.

OK, and I keep the DFU mode until everything is uploaded?

no, you should exit the DFU mode after installing the bootloader dfu file to Simucube.

Ah, DFU is only to install bootloader, thanks

hi Mika, that`s the user guide for Simucube2.
I have Simucube1.
Simucube Configuration tool shows disconnected.

no, the linked guide is for Simucube 1.