Can simicube card connect to pc kase power buton

hello everyone can i connect simicube card to pc case on/off button ?

I would say no unless you added a relay.

With Simucube you want to be switching off the line power that powers the power supply. The PC switch can not do this.

you need a relay or some sort to do it… I have done it in my simuCOMPUTER build that is documented on the iRacing forums… I swiped it Prior to the PSU on the AC line but you can also accomplish the relay switch after on the DC line as well if you don’t mind the PSU being acive all the time. The Relay would be triggered by an output from your computer PSU and not the actual switch itself as computer case switches are generally momentary where for the PSU or SimuCUBE you need a latching power set-up.