Can IONI be inserted to a powered SC1 board?

I inserted an IONI Pro HC card onto an SC1 board that was connected a power supply. Will this cause some damage to the SC1 board?

I would think it is a bad idea.
It might arc across the contacts when you insert it.

It shouldn’t be done, as the connector is not designed to be safe in such situation - electricity might momentarily flow in different ways causing damages. But this is to say that it usually will not happen, and that we have had cases where it has indeed happened.

Thanks Mika,

I hope I dont have to purchase another SC1 board, again.

Thanks Joe, I hope my SC1 board isn’t broken again.

Fingers crossed it is ok.

Just for future reference it is pretty dangerous to be handling components on the inside of the control with power still applied.

It sucks if you have to buy another SC1 board, but it would be much worse if you would have been electrocuted and died!!!