Can I upgrade 10000ppr to Biss-C

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I apologise if this question has been asked previously, though I seemed to find some split opinions when searching online for the answer.

I have a Sim-plicity small Mige 130ST-M10010 with 10000ppr encoder. I am currently running the Simucube 0.10.3 firmware.

I have found a manual on Simracingbay here which seems to suggest it is possible to move from 10000ppr to Biss-C, however on the AC forums people seem to suggest the newer encoder has a different mounting system that is not compatible with motors that run the 10000ppr encoders. So if I where to order a simracingbay edition Biss-C, would I be able to complete the upgrade?


Yes. I did it. My MIGE that I ordered from sim racing bay came with 10000 ppr encoder. I ordered the biss c from sim racing bay that I believe is machined to fit the older MIGE motor.

I did mines and it works with no issues. Look on youtube for sim racing garage. He will show you in a video exactly how it mounts to an older MIGE.

Same here. Purchased Biss-C kit from simracingbay with new cables to replace 10000ppr on my small Mige.

The simracingbay Biss-c kit is a direct upgrade to the `Sim-plicity mige. That’s what I have and upgraded without any issues.

Did you require the new cables for the Simpli-city OSW or just the encoder? Am on the verge of ordering.

The standard kit (€129,00) comes with a cable as the pintout is a bit different.
I didn’t see a need for the optional shielded cable.

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Have an small Mige Augury kit with the 10k encoder.

I order this kit as well with the “black” cable. There is an adapter included to use on motors without the narrow mounting holes. When I shorten the cable, it was shielded even thou I order the standard kit.

I did changed the encoder settings manually as there was other changes in the drc files provided compared to my existing cfg.

So is the conversion / update worth it, say from the SinCos?

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I did a lot testing at Le Man with R Factor 2 DLC GTE Pack on the Sincos when it just came out which was a pleasure.

I then straight away fitted the Biss encoder when I purchased it to see if there was a difference with same track and RF GTE cars.

I will say that I felt slight difference between the Sincos. The Biss was more smoother when rotating the wheel and for me I felt the road better. Not by great deal but enough to put a smile on my face.

I am looking to sell my Sincos now.

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I upgraded straight from 10,000ppr to Biss-C. Yes, the wheel felt a bit smoother, but it wasn’t a huge upgrade. And it doesn’t take long before you get used to it and are not really aware of the improvements. So I’m not sure how much difference you would feel between the Sincos and Biss-C.

Worth the upgrade for me though, as my OSW is latest spec, phasing is simpler and going from 40,000cpr to 4.2m has got to be good, hasn’t it?

I thought about what I am feeling with the Biss for a while compared to the Sincos, and why is it that I perceive that I feel the road better. I came to the conclusion that because the wheel is smooth you are able to feel through the wheel sutle changes in the road textures which gives you a better perception of the road.