Can I Update The Original Ollie Kit?

Hi, Wanted to ask… is it any way to move from MMos to Simucube from the original Ollie kit ? I have not touched the software or updated anything from the original build. The MMos version running is 0.91.

The wheel has no problems whatsoever. just thinking if I can… maybe I would try to move it over to Simucube if that is even possible.



Anything can be done, even if you only keep the servo and its cabling at the end. Please show a photo of the inside if that box, then I can better guide you.


Hey, Beano long time…good to see you still doing this,thanks for fast reply. I think i have some pics from the build,let me get back to you tomorrow.



Ha, Mate, yes, still around playing with dd-things in general - always fun, it never gets old :slight_smile:

Good to see you too, let’s see if we can get you sorted with minimum effort!

Yes Beano Have not been on iracing since the McLaren last F1 contest. Iracing hurt me so bad.Cause of what they did to the F1 series. Went to the Sim Expo at The Ring and spoke to Steve in person about the future of the F1 series. But he was not very clear if there would even be a future in F1 on Iracing. So I took a break from Iracing and moved over to Sim Racing Systems. Doing the same thing as I did with Iracing …driving F1 only and trying to get to the top 50 in USA and top 50 Worldwide in Sim Racing Systems. Not to far off for the USA side think I am #62 and around 1100 drivers to go worldwide think I am #1156 changes a bit fast…Same concept I had with Iracing reaching the top tier with clean consistent driving.

But it was so good to see the name Beano on my reply. I could not think of anyone in the world I would rather help me with this…all most passed out …when I seen your name. SO COOL… I hope you and your family are safe. I know you was doing a massive amount of traveling…PLEASE STAY INSIDE for now…

I have a race this week think WED. So I will try everything after WED this week.



Ok hope this is good. best ones could find.

It looks like a ionicube build so you can not software upgrade it to simucube software. You will need a simucube board but wait Beano for his guide.

Hi…Yes.That is right…for sure Ionicube… Of course… Beano is the master at it…just in case someone still does not know. Lets see how it all goes.

As it is now you can only use MMOS.

You could buy a Simucube board and use the existing power supply and IONI. Then you could upgrade to the Simucube software.
Most of the old wiring and the discovery adapter board will no longer be needed.

You may even be able to sell the discovery for a couple dollars, or be a nice guy and donate it to someone who had one fail. I know there were a few people looking for one just recently.

If you are fairly capable mechanically and with software it is not that difficult.
If you are in the USA I can help you out.

Yep, that is an old ionicube 1x system.

You can throw it all out, just retain the main 48v psu. You can also reuse the Ioni itself, but you will need to source a Simucube, as Joe has mentioned. Once you’re ready, I can post the wiring schematic here.

You will also retain the servo encoder cable as is, no worries there, only minor changes retiring the UVW&E connection on the servo power cable, to the new Simucube connector. All in all a pretty simple change-over.

Welcome back though, please stay safe that side too :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, Ok so I just need the simucube board? Is this correct ? I will look for the Simucube board. any suggestions as to which one?

Hey… Joe… Thanks for the help…yes I’m in the NYC. you have a site right?

Is this what I need? and if so. I can only order it from Finland? If I am understanding correctly. This is the only item I need ?


I do not have a website anymore. I only do builds for old customers or special cases now.

Yes that is what you need and you can only order it direct from Granite devices now.
I have one I may work you a deal on. Not really wanting to sell it, but might be persuaded. :grinning:

Why don’t you pm me your email and phone number and we can have a chat later this evening.
I am in Virginia just a few miles outside of Washington DC

Talk soon,

Hi Mr-T
i am now in the exact same position as you, and want to update my old Ollie IONI kit with Simucube.

Did you do this in the end? Did you get the wiring diagram?
Could you take some clear photos by any chance so i can also buy the Simucube board and follow the pic to connect?!


EDIT: Ignore this for now…other people have asked the same question, i think everything i need is on here and the Wiki pages.