Can I put the simucube ground cable to the on off switch ground?

Hi guys I’m planning to starting my simucube diy. I use the mean well se-450-48 psu for my big mige ,but there are not output ground cable for this PSU. So how do I connect the ground cable?
Plan 1 connect the ground cable to the on off switch
Plan 2 connect the ground cable to the PSU body
Can someone give a help?

Erm, that 3rd cable from right on the terminal block is your ground. Where is that connected on the IEEE kettle plug? Show a photo of the back of the plug, please.

But anyway, the body of the psu should be internally connected to the psu gnd …

So can I put 2 cable (simucube ground cable and PSU input ground cable) together? Is that OK?

Thanks Philip, i understand how to connect the cable now.

That PSU has the following over current protection:
Protection type : Shut down o/p voltage, re-power on to recovery

Not very suitable for Simucube because of this.

Hi Mike,So the better way is change the PSU?

You can experiment with that PSU but don’t be surprised when it shuts down in high current situations.

Thanks Mika for your suggestions,just want to know that will be damage the simucube or Ioni pro hc?

It will not cause damage.

Thanks Mika
It was a good news for me

Rough estimate: the PSU will shut down somewhere soon after 9 A, thus, with large Mige, you will not get optimum torque with that PSU.

And that’s not good news for you ylleeason.
The best option right now is to stop what you are doing and just accept you are using incorrect parts that will not give you the same experience that we all get and by the sounds of things you will find yourself running into multiple ongoing issues that will likely ruin your racing experience.

Do it once, do it right.

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With that power supply as Mika mentioned the Shutdown style is not the greatest for this particular use BUT if you do not hit the protection you won’t have an issue…

The Main thing is that when you hit protection it will turn the SimuCUBE OFF rather than just limit the current that can be used, so you will be driving along and it will just shut off. Other PSU’s with Hiccup or Current Limiting will recover after the event allowing the SimuCUBE to stay on and connected to the computer.

To reset this PSU you will also have to cycle the power on the unit…

Now about the Power draw at 450watts you are well short of optimal as far as letting the Large Mige stretch its legs… I have Faulted the SDR480 which has a 3 second 720watt output so there are times where I have exceeded 720 watts within a duration of 3 secconds (though I don’t believe it was continuous based on telemetry details from the car when it occurs) anyway with the 480watt NDR480 in some testing we found that you can generally use up to 23.5A of the 25A on the IONI but it would still fault under certain circumstances. So I would venture to say that you might not want to so over 18 - 20A on the MMC value for the large Mige which would mean if you have the SimuCUBE set to allow 25A MMC you will need to turn down the strength slider to 80% or below. this will limit your output to about 20 - 22.32Nm but it should allow you to drive without hitting the Fault/Shudown.

As well you will probably want to set MPP to 450 as it will help in that the IONI can estimate and throttle draw, whether this will work in every situation I don’t know but it could help.

bsohn thanks your suggestions, I will change the setup when I was done my osw :wink::wink: