Calibrating pedals

New Simucube build up and running.
Now I`m in the process of calibrating my DIY pedals.

They incorporate 5K wire potis.(They had sent me 5K instead the 10K that I ordered, but never mind the 7mA cross current instad of 3mA.)
The Potis arms are rotated about120°, the brake is less.
In the “analog Inputs”, there is a bar, where I can see the movement, but they don`t move all the way, just half or so.
And also in the “Overview” they are diplayed as full bars, reading 100%.

Is there a way to calibrate the actual angular rotation, to be sensed as 0-to 100%?
Or does this have to be done some where else?


The analog axis setup dialog is not really well documented but it allows to set the calibration values that are required in order to show an analog potentiometer range as full 0 to 100% range.