Bypassing the E Stop


I have just had delivered a Simucube Pro 2 but due to an issue during its transit with the packaging, it is missing the Torque Stop/E Stop. The replacement could be a couple of weeks away.

When I set up the SC2 Pro base without the E Stop and connect it to my PC I get a E Stop is Pressed and a Waiting for drive to get ready message.

Is there a way to use my SC2 without the E Stop while I wait for one to arrive.


E-stop must be connected for the device to work. It actually turns on the gate drivers for the power mosfets that drive current to the motor.

Hi Mika.

I thought that might be the case.

Thank you for confirming and I will have to patiently wait for the replacement E Stop to arrive.

Just to gather some data, can you maybe PM some pictures of the packaging, if it was the new package with plastic inserts.

No problem

I have sent you a message.