Bypass e-stop Fault 140407

Had a new NDR-480-48 in for about 2 months and have started getting fault 140407, the wiki doesn’t suggest much for the fault. Searched here for answers and it seems the e-stop switch is failing. Can anyone explain how to bypass the e-stop? Is it a simple matter of putting wires together?


Yes, e-stop not pressed = wires together
e-stop pressed = no connection

Thanks Mika, I had a look at the e-stop and the brown wire screw wasn’t too tight so maybe that’s fixed it.

Just a quick off topic question. FUV is set to 25V, the guide suggests 10% less than output which is 48V on my wheel. Why is it set much lower, almost half and can I put it to the recommended value? I tried lowering it to 20V which made the wheel more loose so 43V I assume would be a lot tighter.

That’s a side effect because 20v is wrong. Set it 30v and forget this setting.

For industrial applications it might be better to not overload the power supply and fault in a graceful way without fully powering off the systems. Therefore when not knowing what PSU is used, its better to fault early rather than too late.

For Simucube 1 use, people used often these Mean Well NDR or SDR series PSUs which have current limiting function so voltage will reduce to quite low before it will power off in any way, so quite low FUV can be used.

The FUV parameter is just a fault parameter, it does not affect the feel of the steering wheel.