Buy Simucube 2 Pro o DD1/DD2?

Hello, I have the Fanatec CSW V2.5 and I would like to know if it is worth changing and I will notice the change very much compared to a Direct Drive. Within the options, what do you recommend? The Fanatec DD1 or DD2 or the Simucube 2 Pro? Money doesn’t matter, I prefer quality, thank you! I only have the rim of the BMW GT2 that I would sell with the base, that would not matter haha

When you walk into Ferrari dealer and ask if you should but a Porsche or Ferrari what kind of answer do you expect to hear?


Hi! If the money is not a problem, the Simucube ultimate is the best…
Fanatec have not a similar product.


He wasn’t asking about the Ultimate as an option, only the Pro.

I’ve never owned any Fanatec stuff (for a good reason…) but so far I’ve heard several people saying that they were slightly disappointed in the step up from a CSW 2.5 to a DD or SC2 because in their opinions the CSW is already very good and the big financial step up didn’t show for it in the FFB feel.

I also can’t comment on Fanatec kit but have noted how many people in the main FB sim groups I follow have said how glad they are to have ditched DD1/DD2s (and Fanatec kit in general) for SC2s.

It might be ‘empty vessels making the most noise’, but I’ve yet to spot a post by someone moving the other way…

FWIW, I have a racing friend who is very happy with his DD2 but has a quite large investment in the Fanatec system. He also seems happy with the often moaned about Fanatec QR wheel hub system.

If the money is not a problem, the Simucube ultimate is the best…

Get the SC Ultimate, I don’t see the point in the sport or pro, Just seems to me like extra steps for an inferior experience, At least You will Have covered all your bases for a very long time, if not completely.

Everything else I’ve tried seems gamer grade, Not that their is anything wrong with that, But if your willing to spend the money, you may as well start at the top, and work your way up, Looking at Heusinkveld Products.

Also don’t cheap out on a rim, I did, then tried a Proper rim, and new I had made an error in Judgement.



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When you go through all reviews, you tube channels and what experts have to say there is one thing clear:
Simucube R2 is the top product when it comes to DD. If you buy the Pro you don’t have to upgrade because you simply just can’t no more. If you get the Fanatec it’s different. You soon or later want to have the best. So you better get it right now


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Do you want to run 12+Nm of force feedback? If money is not an option and you want more than 8Nm but not more than 10Nm than the jump is not that big from a V2.5. The V2.5 is pretty good. I’d still suggest the sport because the slew rate I often turn down way below 4nm/s anyway. Again if money is no concern then definitely make the purchase, however don’t expect to suddenly be much faster than on your clubsport. I went from the V2.5 to Pro and enjoy it, however I didn’t have to sell my kidney to get it. I enjoy my time on it more and that’s all that mattered to me. I also like knowing I can match settings to any wheelbase I’d like essentially. The software filters are a large help. I would recommend the sport unless you think you want to wrestle 30Nm. 12.5Nm feels great for a most asphalt surfaces.

I came from v2.5 also was thinking it is worth or not. 100% worth! Just one maybe a lit bit negative point, the base sometimes has a lit bit sound - like coil whine or brush sound, but with headphones or speakers you will not here. I’m very happy, and on simucube paddock software you will find profiles which you like in few minutes, and will tweak to your liking. Highly reccomend, i would bot go to dd1 or dd2 as heard they are not smooth and sc2 pro is all you need! You will not use max 25nm trust, impossible to race with such high forces !

In general the quality of the FFB isn’t and shouldn’t be the only criteria. For most people it is though and for that SC seems to be the best option. In the end whatever high end base you choose, you most likely get used to it and could not tell the difference if you are not comparing them side by side.

  • are you already invested in some other ecosystem, do you expect similar “features” with the new one
  • What games do you play, SC doesn’t have official support for gaming consoles
  • are you willing to put some effort to tweak the wheelbase to get the most out of it (this is maybe the same for all the different bases there is)
  • what is your budget