Buy Simucube 2 Pro now or wait

I am asking a question as a potential new Simucube customer/user. Please chime in with whatever feedback you have, and responses from the dev team will be appreciated as well.
Click to see screenshot of Simucube’s comment:

I just saw Chris Haye’s video about the SC2 Pro, and seeing this comment made me rethink purchasing an SC2 Pro now.

I’m planning to switch from Fanatec in hopes of longer term support and reliability. I was ready to pull the trigger on the SC2 Pro, but now I’m wondering if that will be a bad decision.

Is there something in the works? Will the SC2 Pro still be supported for the next couple of years? Should I buy now or wait? Thanks

We do not have any new wheelbase in development. However, there is the new wheel-side wireless module coming up soon, and then some accessories that we have designed and have teased on our social media channels, and then there is the True Drive Paddock and upcoming full UI rewrite for True Drive. It is all these that the youtube comment refers to.


Thank you for the quick response. So would it be a safe bet to order one right now?

Yes, it is a safe bet.