Buttons don't react


i installed the simucube 2. Pedals and wheel work fine, but the buttons on the whell don’t react, if i try to change the buttonsettings in Assetto Corsa by pressing them.

What wheel/button box? Does true drive see the buttons, have you connected the box to true drive (wireless) or is it an USB box? Does Windows see the buttons?

It’s a simucube 2 sport. It’s connceted to USB. Windows also don’t recognize the buttons.

Which button are you talking about? Which wheel do you have?

The model ist a ascher f28-sc. The buttons on the wheel don’t work

Have you connected the wheel to Simucube? Does it show anything about the signal quality?

Have you turned the power button on the back on?

I connect the wheel via wifi. Now the buttons work.
Now i have a problem with the rotation. For example, if want to turn left or right for 90°, i have to turn the wheel more than 90°. How can i configure the wheel, so the steering angle is exact the same?

Steering angle in-game and in True Drive must match. Which game is this happening in?

The game is Assetto Corsa.