Button Boxes, Pedals etc

Hey guys,
sry if this is a dumb question.
I am in the process of preparing for my simucube small mige combination thats arriving in the middle of october.
i am building a new rig for it and i am considering a button box and a handbrake. i own fanatec csr elite pedals and some seperate shifters. (all the stuff i own obv working via usb)

as far as i understand the simucube is designed in a way that lets me connect other stuff to it (besides my servo)

how does it work, and what are the requirements for stuff to be connected to the simucube. i think it will be impossible to connect my pedals and my shifters to the simucube since those are usb?! or is there a chance to do even that?

what would i have to look out for if i want to build a button box? or if i want to buy one.

i looked around but had a hard time finding infos about that to be honest. if someone could link me to a place where i could read up about it or could give an answer first hand out of experience i would really appreciate it.

thx in advance


SimuCUBE technical information about the button and analog inputs can be found in our wiki page here:

In short, USB devices cannot be connected to SimuCUBE. The button and analog inputs are meant for pure devices that output, for example, a voltage level.

To use USB devices, you should consider USB hub.

I’m not very knowledgeable on various ready-made button boxes on the market, so I cannot, at the moment, comment about those.

There are rare cases where a PC game only accepts a single input device so all axis and buttons must be unified into one perceived controller (Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo for Ex.). While there is a work-around for that particular title by way of a user-made control utility, it doesn’t always work.

In some cases (WRC7), the title may have the ability to support more than one device but, only the ones that are directly supported therefore, there is no generic Windows HID-device support. In such cases, we need an emulator to fit the official supported devices as listed by the developers.

These titles tend to be heavily console biased to begin with but, as the physics advance and cross over to the PC, broader controller support is needed.

I also want to use the digital outputs from the SimuCube for a Button Box. Is it possible to use up to 32 digital inputs or only 16 inputs? Is it possible to use rotary encoder too (with the new firmware?) or simple button inputs? Thank you very much.

ok. thx for your help. thats what i thought. i have a usb hub but with all my oculus rift sensors and alle the different usb devices i run in to usb bandwith problems lately and have secretely hoped i could work against that with the simucube. :slight_smile: but i will find another way.

If you spread your USB load among a couple of USB Hubs on different USB Root hubs, you should be able to have reliable USB connections. If not, adding a dedicated USB PCIe card for VR might be a good solution too. I know some use that for the AccuForce as well to solve bandwidth issues.

My current PC uses a Z270 mobo but, my old Z87 system had quite a few USB issues and spreading USB demands across all root hubs helped.

yeah. not an option sadly. i am rockin a really really small micro itx case and board atm.

but we will see how i can balance my usb stuff. when running the rift in my rig i only need one sensor instead of all 3 and i dont need my usb audio interface. so there is indeed some bandwith to free up. would just prefer to be able to connect everything alle the time.

does the simucube with the iono as a direct drive need 2 active usb connections at all times?

IIRC, one USB cable is for updating the FW so that one could be unplugged when not needed.

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With SimuCUBE firmware, the other cable is for the STM32 HID device & bootloader, and the other can be used to connect to Ioni via Granity, same as before.

Ioni firmware updates are bundled with SImuCUBE firmwares, so there is no need to use the other connection at all, if you dont’ want to play with settings that are only available in Granity.

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thats great. thank you both for your info. so as long as i dont get a button box for now i wont have anymore load on my usb anyway then i have now since i have a wheel now as well of course.

i will see how everything goes in the end.