Button Boxes of the SC2 Community

There is a wheel thread, but I am after a button box to mount to an OMP wheel I am looking at on eBay.

So any suggestions for a button box and paddle shifter solution please?

Ascher Racing has a few button boxes available with wireless and USB options. They come with magnetic paddle shifters. Martin lists the wheel rims compatible with each button box, I’m sure if you have one in mind that’s not listed he would help you figure it out too.

except they all out of stock.

Great products but its hard to find stock of them often.

I have some wheels i just listed for sale, including some button boxes:


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Here’s mine. Home brewed.
Edit: Ah. wheel button boxes - sorry.


If you are looking on eBay, you could be looking at a “OMP” which is not really an OMP but a standard Chinese Wheel with an OMP label on it… There are many on eBay… That being said as far as button boxes there are many Including Ascher, Sim Racing Coach, ect…

I also have a USB wheel box coming out soon @ Penguin r/c that is based on the same functionality as our MOD_27 called the MOD_ONE that is designed to be more universal to about 95% of the 300 - 350mm Wheels out there… Should fall around the same Pricing as our MOD_27 as well…


We also have the SimuSERIES boxes but with the SC2 you have to use the PSUSB_28 USB Box as the SC2 lost the RJ45 ports of the SC1… This box is not directly as functional as others but with the USB_28 you can expand your Dash with other Modular button boxes. as well if you have Husinkveld Pedals or another device with Unused control inputs it is possible to wither the button box through those devices.

Had one of these for a few years now there very good :slight_smile: