Burnt SimuCUBE because of wrong wiring

I have a question regarding (product) regarding (issue).

My hardware configuration:
-Small MiGe SinCos encoder
-Firmware not yet installed

Problems arise when:
-I wired by mistake the Line wire to the Ground contact and the Ground to the Line contact inside the power outlet male socket and the SimuCUBE is toasted, LEDs are not on, but the two LEDs on the IONI drive are on. When connected to the PC, the device is stopped by windows and not recognized. I would like to know if I’ll need to buy just another SimuCUBE or also the IONI drive? Do I need to buy another MiGe motor too? Is the PSU toasted too? Thanks.

Probably won’t need a new Mige, I would contact Granite Tech Support and Esa will probably step you through some things to check out as it seems like after connecting correctly you do have some power somewhere… Did you smell any tell tale burning or see any components Pop when you turned it on wrong?

There also should be reverse polarity protection diode on SimuCUBE. If something is recognized on PC, it is propably a driver issue.