Bumpstop stopped working halfway when playing RaceRoom

I have a question regarding Bumpstop while playing Raceroom. The bumpstop will disappear while playing the game. I need to restart the system to be able to get the bumpstop back to work but when I start playing the game again, it stopped working again.

I am using the latest driver 1.0.30

P.S: I had searched through the threads with bumpstop issue, but it only give temporary fix.

Reworked bumpstops are planned to be included in the next firmware release, but some other developments have taken our timeā€¦

Hi, Thanks for the reply. The older firmware worked perfectly for us. I have forgotten which version I used, I can just test out the Version 0.50.4 just to make sure again that it worked with no issues.

May I know when is the planned release date for the next firmware?

BTW, How do I downgrade the firmware?

Best is to do it Via the dip switch method.

If you are not using SC2 wireless wheels I would use version 11.2

That is the most stable version for SC1.

Hi Joe, Thanks for your suggestion. I will test it out.