Bumpstop setting not working on in car steering range setting


I noticed that the bumpstop settings made in True Drive seem to work for the wheel range set in True Drive (eg 1080) but it seems not to work for the individual in game car steering range.

So I have the wheel range set in true drive to 1080 as default and let the simulation set the car specific steering range - as I do not want to change the true drive steering range for every car change…

So race cars in iRacing will use a steering range of something like ~540° and the bumpstop is brutal with massive oscillations happening. Up to being really dangerous in crash or big drifts with locked up steering.

I guess this is because the true drive settings would be applied only at 1080° which is never reached in a race car. Ideally the bumpstop settings in true drive is applied to whatever bumpstop is actually used in the simulation in order to have an affect.

Hopefully this can be improved?!

best regard,

Btw. I did experience another violent 360° full torque wheel turn de-centering issue with the Ultimate when changing the bumpstop damper in True Drive, while being in the simulation. (I thought this was supposed to be sorted out with the last update…)

it will be sorted out in the next firmware version, which is not released yet.

this is due to iRacing applying a horrible bumbstop effect. It can be adjusted from app.ini file.

ah ok, well I didn’t experience that with another base, but I’ll look into that, thx!

hm, the only parameter I guess related with this issue is
steeringBumpStop_Deg and even when I set it to 45° which I consider quite a lot - if not too much - there are massive oscillations happening during drift at maximum steering angle.
It’s less powerfull than before, but I’d consider this still a rather strange behaviour.

try that like so https://augurysimulations.com/augury-downloads/#1547568136602-00fbafdb-5ddd , 180.

Mine is at 180 as well