Bumpstop question

New SC2 Pro owner here, I downloaed a profile for GT3 cars and its amazing! Coming from a Moza R12 I can feel exactly what the car is doing.
Anyway what I dont understand is that this profile has a 900 degree bumpstop but this is what I dont understand is that it has a 100 degree offset? what exactly does the offset do?

Bumpstops can be moved to greater angles than the steering range but that is not usually useful. You can also offset them to be quite a bit narrower than steering range. That is actually useful if the game is generating super harsh bumpstop that hit with immediate full force. You would want to hit the smooth Simucube generated bumpstops first. One such game is Project Cars 2 but there may be others as well.

Thanks for the explanation Mika, I did just notice that in Truedrive my rotation was being limited to 700 degrees, so I set it to 900/900 now and all is good. Not that having the offset really made a difference seeing as I never hit the bumpstop anyway I just wanted to understand the reason for that setting.