Bumpstop problem

When I enable it, when the turning degree of my wheel reaches the limit in Assetto Corsa, instead of noticing any lock, the force feedback goes completelly off. Any idea what’s wrong and how to fix it? Thank you.

I also have a Bumbstop issue.
It don’t work with the aktual software.
Here are the settings, i startet the config again and the file, i used.

Large MiGE Biss-C 4.2milcpr.drc (9.4 KB)

bumpstops have nothing to do with servo drive configuration.

What happens if you do not enable the commutation sensors?

What are you mean, please? Where i find that?

that is the encoder calibration for absolute encoder that your second screenshots shows…

No, it don’t work with both options.
I just tryed it.

Okay, i have solved it.

You have to turn the wheel complete off and make a cold restart, then the bumpstop is working fine.