Bump stops very weak

I have just setup my sc2 pro and with the bump stops set 100% it has very little stop force. I can turn through the stops using 1 finger on the wheel. If I rock the wheel on the bump stops the force will disappear then i can just keep turning the wheel. In games has no bump stops at all. Games tested iRacing, rf2 and assetto corsa.
Have to say so far very disappointed in this wheel base. Coming from an OSW this hasn’t proven to be an upgrade to me.

Bumpstop strength works in correlation to what you have your maximum torque set to. Most of the time, I have my max torque set to 8nm and my bumpstop strength is 80% and its plenty strong. Its a bit odd that you don’t have bumpstop in games. Oddly enough, I just tried rocking the wheel back and forth on the bumpstop, and after a bit of time, I turned through the bumpstop very easily. Its wasn’t like a completely limp strength as there was still a tiny bit of resistance that gradually comes back but rotating the wheel back brings back the original bumpstop effect Its like the strength goes down to like 15% and gradually builds back up. Its not a huge issue, but with intent, I can consistently reproduce this.

PS: Also, I know its just your opinion, but its unfair to say that you are disappointed in the product when its still this early in its infancy. Obviously, there will be some bugs and kinks here and there that need to be ironed out, and you should expect that with any new product. If there is an issue, just state it and ask for help, no need to belittle the product.

Ok thanks that’s what happened I switched profiles one was on 60% then the next was 37%. But I still have nothing in iracing using the iracing profile in td.
Also the force on mine disappears when I rock it on the stops or hold it on the stop for a second or two but is like no force at all unless I continue to turn the wheel then it’s like I’m winding up a spring, if I let go of the it wheel will spin back to the stop area/range. Very strange.
I never had this happen with my OSW bump stops where set to what strength you set them to. Changing overall strength had no effect on the bump stop strength. None of the setting on the page you adjust the bump stops, window desktop spring force ect… should be effected by the game settings page.