Broken wireless wire inside unit

I noticed my antenna on pro unit was wobbling.
I went to tighten it but noticed it didn’t tighten when I turned it. I open the unit back and now see the wireless cable inside the unit has now broken completely causing issues with my wireless wheels.
What can be done? I noticed the wireless wire is soldered so it can’t be even simply replaced.

I think SonnyTron would be the guy to help offer some advice. I believe he had the same thing happen and ended up replacing/upgrading the antenna himself.

Thanks. I’ll ping him.
In the meantime some redneck engineering has gotten me a signal strength between 70-88%.
I pulled the wire out the back thru the hole at back where the antenna would normally be and rigged a way to keep the wire from going back into the unit.

Maybe there is a way to connect something to the wire properly to extend the working part of the wire to further strengthen the strength.

Any better redneck engineers here?

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Hi John, did you ever get this fixed. Same thing just happened to me…

Check out some instruction on fixing it here

We also supply spare internal cables if it turns out that the internal cable has twisted broken. Dimitri has a support ticket to us also, we are working on it.

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New cable arrived and was easily installed on my Simucube.
Thanks Mika for the quick fix.