Broken encoder + possible damage

Hi, so long story short : I had to remove the encoder fromm my small mige motor because I was suspecting there were problems with it, and in fact it turned out it had a broken part (the round plastic disc that rotates behind the encoder board was broken).

I need to say, I got this dd kit second hand from another guy, and he installed originally this sincos encoder.
So, I proceeded to take it away to reinstall the 10.000 one, but it was so hard to remove that the screw I used broke in half inside the last bit of shaft holding the encoder - I really have no idea how it was installed in first place, and also how could possibly broke something inside an encoder.
Here a pic :

Anybody have an idea about how to remove the half-broken screw?
Problem is, I guess, I should be able to remount the 10.000 encoder now, but I will most probably not be able to take it away in future, due to the fact I won’t be able to redo the right process to swap encoders.
Thanks to everyone will give me any suggestion.

I think you have to drill that out. Use a very thin drill in dead center.
Then use a left threaded screw to get the remains out.

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