Breakout board connectors

Hello, can someone point me in the right direction as what type of connectors does the wireless module breakout board uses, and or where I can get them.

Planing on building my self a wheel. Already recieved and order of breakout boards. But can for the life of me find any info on what type of connector go soldered to the breakout board.

Thank you!



You should ask whoever made the breakout boards for you. We did the design, but due to lack of interest, we never made any. However the files have been shared for those that have requested them.

The board was ordered as per the documents provided from the wiki page.

No where in the document does it state, what type of connector should be soldered to the board. Which will give me access to wiring the sensors to.

Am I right in assuming that the breakout board was created with a specific din connector in mind?

The board was ordered bare bones with nothing on it.

I dont think the company who manufactured the board would know what connector it would need. If the info isnt in the document.


Ah, ok. This information for course would be on the schematics, but our hardware people are on summer holiday right now for next 3 weeks. I will try to see if someone else can look this up…

Much appreciated Mika, thank you very much.


Its this one:

or horizontal connectors, use this one:

Note: the product pictures show the 3-pin versions.

You’re a life saver Mika. Thank you.

Nothing comes up. just a website general search

Mfr. Part No.

Mouser Part No


Mfr. Part No.

Mouser Part No

note: I did not double check that these are the correct 8-pin variants, but you should be able to find the correct ones based on these.

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Thank you, having the part to reference too. I was able to find the correct one.