Breakout board and button module

Hello. So im in the process of creating a structure to house the breakout board with the wireless button module.

In the documentation it states that a small window should be allowed so that the module can communicated with the base.

After doing the 3d module i discovered that if i used the break outboard. The the module would sit center of the hub. Which will obstruct the signal from the wireless module. So the window for the antenna would have to be in the same spot where the qr hub would go. Would the signal still be good in if the windows was convered by the qr hub?

Now i read that theirs a way to add an external antenna. This would probably be my best option. But my modules does not have the connectors to attach a antenna

Is their a way to add the antenna connector on the board?

I have the wireless module in the center behind the Q1R hub. It works really good.

The module with the separate antenna is a different product SKU, and its price is the the same as the one with the integrated antenna.

Dennis, can you show your wheel please?